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Jul 4, 2006

Another in the NFJS series.  A conversation with Brian Sletten aobut NetKernal and the Semantic Web.  Brian is a DC area consultant that I have run into on projects and I am glad I ran into him at this conference. 

Enjoy the podcast

-bob payne

Tom Copeland
thirteen and a half years ago

Cool, great to see some more Agile Toolkits podcasts! But Brian\'s name is mispelled in the title of this entry... s/Brain/Brian/. He is a brainy guy though, to be sure.

loft beds
twelve and a half years ago

Is Brian really a DC area consultant ? I could say that any experience can leave some marks on us all.

Marine Engineers Beneficial
twelve and a half years ago

Can\\\'t make it to any kind of conference. My schedule is so full ....