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Nov 15, 2005

Todd was kind enough to give me a few spare minutes during the Agile 2005 Conference. He was exceptionally busiy as one of the organizers of the conference and as a founding member of the APLN. If you would like more info about the APLN visit. Next years conference should be even bigger.

Oct 20, 2005

Here is an interview that I had with Ward Cunningham and Rick Mugridge at the Agile 2005 conference in Denver. Fit is an acceptance testing tool that took the conference by storm. Many languages are supported and tests are defined in a Wiki. If you are looking to fill the Acceptance Test Gap on your project and have not...

Sep 12, 2005

Matt and I talk after the ScrumMaster certification that I taught in DC. Look forward to more conversations with Bob and Matt as the AgileGuys get spooled up.

Sep 11, 2005

Nancy V and I talk about her work in the agile embedded software space. She talks about her work, the challenges of instrumenting embedded software for automated testing and the future of a Fit Fixture for the embedded software world. If you are in the Boston area look up the Agile Bazaar and attend a meeting if you...

Aug 23, 2005

Mary and I talk about her work in the area of Lean Software Development, new product development and the Agile 2005 Conference in Denver.