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Dec 12, 2010


I talk with Dave Thomas about his keynote at Agile 2010.  During his keynote he put up a slide telling people that they would be refactored if if they tweeted or otherwise used the information about to be given. Sarcasm  is no longer appreciated in the land of the brave.  Maybe he gets a pass for being Canadian.  As...

Oct 4, 2010

Come and join me at the Agile DC conference on October 22.  We have 3 tracks to choose from and lots of great speakers.

Agile Essentials
Agile in the Government and Enterprise
Open Talks Track
Use the discount code "agileToolkit" to get $20 off.

Information here

Sep 19, 2010

Richard and I speak about the utilization of agile in the government.  Say it can't be done.  It is being done and in the most unlikely places.  Richard will be running the Agile Government Panel at the October 22, AgileDC conference.  If you are interested in this topic this talk and the conference visit us at...

Jul 14, 2010

Jean and I discuss Lynchpin the recent book by Seth Godin.  We both enjoyed this book and found it to be a good guide for any agile change agent.  I especially like his ideas around Gift Culture. Not revolutionary but a good book.  

  Linchpin: Are You Indispensable?



Jul 7, 2010

Ryan talks about the acquisition of Agile Zen as an addition to the Rally family of agile tools.  I have not really spent much time with Ryan before this interview and I was excited to talk with him about his passion for giving.


- bob payne