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Jul 4, 2006

Another in the NFJS series.  A conversation with Brian Sletten aobut NetKernal and the Semantic Web.  Brian is a DC area consultant that I have run into on projects and I am glad I ran into him at this conference. 

Enjoy the podcast

-bob payne

Tom Copeland
over fourteen years ago

Cool, great to see some more Agile Toolkits podcasts! But Brian\'s name is mispelled in the title of this entry... s/Brain/Brian/. He is a brainy guy though, to be sure.

loft beds
over thirteen years ago

Is Brian really a DC area consultant ? I could say that any experience can leave some marks on us all.

Marine Engineers Beneficial
over thirteen years ago

Can\\\'t make it to any kind of conference. My schedule is so full ....