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Dec 29, 2011

I chat with Ward about the 10th anniversary of the Agile Manifesto and his newest wiki project.  The best conversation happened directly after the podcast as we discussed what an audio wiki might look like.  Sorry the bits were not rolling on the digital recorder.

Hope you enjoy this.

-bob payne 

Nov 16, 2011

George and I discuss one of the most beneficial and underutilized Agile technique, Test Driven Development.  What can I say the data is in and you need to be doing this if you want to call yourself an Agile Engineer.  


-bob payne

Nov 16, 2011

Ken and I talk about his ATDD book.  This is a topic that has been gaining a lot of traction in agile teams.  Acceptance Test Driven Development is a technique that some teams are using to improve quality and collaboration between business, testing and development. 


-bob payne

Sep 8, 2011

Come join us at AgileDC on October 26th 2011.  This not for profit regional conference aims to have a wide varieity of talks, networking, open space and is one of the few conferences to have a Government track alongside an Agile Engineering track.

We are excited and hope to see you there.

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Aug 7, 2011

Ken and I chat about the Product Owner roll and the complexity that can emerge when we ask too much of the product owner.  This has always been a key role and we have sometimes dode the project a disservice by focusing the PO on the needs of development.  This can sometimes create a situation where the PO is focused too...