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Nov 28, 2022

I spoke with Marsha at the Business Agility Conference 2022 in NYC about her work with Team Catapult.  How facillitation and leadership play off each other in an organization.  How can we help leadership teams to engage in conversation and organizational development.


Bob Payne 

Nov 18, 2022

I speak with Pete Behrens at the Business Agility Institute conference 2022.  We discuss his approach to growing Agile Leaders and his Agile Leadership Journey program.  I have been following his work for years and really enjoyed this conversation.


Bob Payne

Oct 16, 2022

I Speak with Peter Coesmans about the Business Agility Consortium and the evolution of DSDM.  We speak about business agility, agile cultures, agile governance and agile delivery processes. 

Great conversation and I hope you enjoy it as well.

Jul 2, 2022

I spoke with Todd Little and Joey Spooner at the BAI conference.  We speek about the evolution of Kanban and how Kanban can drive evolutionary change in an organization. We chat about Value Stream Managment, DevOps, transformation, continuous improvement, adaptive govenrnance and the many ways that Kanban can help.


May 19, 2022

Marina Alex is the creator of SWAY (Sales with Agile system), a business agility coach and agile sales expert. I spoke with Marina about her work and the use of Agile methods in sale. Overcoming resistance, understanding risk and putting the customer first.