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Nov 19, 2008

I spoke with Emily and Geoff at the end of the conference and we were all a bit tired.  Emily performed in the Coding With The Stars stage at Agile 2008 and gave a great run for the gold.  One especially interesting segment was the customer story testing segment.  For this segment Geoff played the customer and wrote a story test in TextTest and then Emily and  Michael Feathers made it pass.  This appearance of the customer was well received by the audience and judges.

Finally I get Geoff on a podcast.  I recorded him last year but he will jump the queue with this one.  Geoff works on a heuristic scheduling problem that is somewhat tricky to write acceptance and regression tests around.  To solve this problem he did wrote his own test framework, TextTest.

I hope you enjoy this power duo and I suspect we will see more of them in the agile space.