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Mar 27, 2018

I spoke with Business Agility Conference organizer Evan Leybourn on some of the inner workings and the future of the conference. 


The people are the best part of the conference. 40% of attendees were from over seas and 95% of all attendees flew in just for this event - which is incredible! Truly a global audience. 

We really approached our topics differently this year. It was designed specifically to have "ah-ha!" moments constantly where everyone tells us a story. We weren't looking for theory, we wanted them to tell us their "why," - to leave us inspired. 

In the coming years, we really don't want to grow too big - 350-400 might be the max. Primarily because the intimacy of the conversations is important, but we want to go broader. We want small, focused events all of the world to give people opportunities and the chance to join the conversation. 

4 Pillars in the Business Agility Institute:

  • Community
  • Outreach
  • Guidance
  • Leadership

And LitheSpeed, as one of our first Institute Partners, has been doing and will continue to live out and uphold these pillars. 

This is my "try to take over the world" moment. What we're doing will influence and touch every business in the world in the coming years. 

The next conferences will take place in Fall 2018 in Australia. Learn more at


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