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Sep 25, 2007

I recently attended the Gartner Mid-Size conference with Cyber Korp.  Cyber Korp provides Agile Development, Delivery and Transformations to organizations.  I helped them deliver a software project over two days of the conference using requirements that had been gathered from one of the IT executives at the conference. 

In this episode I speak with several folks from Cyber Korp and Paul Smith of ATA Airlines about his experience participating in a Micro Agile Project.  Like so many of the Executives at the conference, Paul had not been exposed to Agile Development before the conference.  He was a great customer and dove right into the 3x5 cards over breakfast on the first day and was gracious enough to show up for two mini UAT sessions where he got to give feedback and create new stories for the backlog.

Cyber had set up a Live Feed to their Agile Development Center in Chicago so that we could monitor progress and communicate with the development team there. 

Please enjoy the podcast.  I had a great time chatting with Paul and the folks from Cyber Korp