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Mar 27, 2018

I sat down with Manjit Singh and Antonio Medina to talk about details of their new book The Lean Playbook. See more below and subscribe now. 


Fresh off the release of their The Lean Playbook book. Most books were very theoretical and didn't show how to practically implement these techniques and tools, so what we did...

Mar 27, 2018

I spoke with Business Agility Conference organizer Evan Leybourn on some of the inner workings and the future of the conference. 


The people are the best part of the conference. 40% of attendees were from over seas and 95% of all attendees flew in just for this event - which is incredible! Truly a global audience. 


Mar 27, 2018

I sat down with Ellen Grove and Sue John to talk all things facilitation. See more below and subscribe now. 



Facilitation essentially is holding people safely in a space to express themselves is critical. It isn't just about the fun thing - it isn't just about playing with Lego's. It's about the debrief and helping...